Grand Istana Rama Hotel Help Orphanage


The management of Grand Istana Rama Hotel and two Australian guests give donation to the occupants of Chloe Houses orphanage at Munggu Village, badung Regency.

“We and those two guests want to give donation to all children occupying the orphanage that is under Mitra Kasih Abadi Foundation,” said the Marketing Communications Executive Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Dina Indah, in Denpasar.

The donation given is foods and cash for purchasing the children’ needs.

The management of Grand Istana Rama Hotel together with the husband and wife from the Kanggaroo country namely Ian and Sue Marshall, directly came to the orphanage.

Chloe House orphanage located in the border between Badung and Tabanan Regency occupied by seventeen children.

The children living in the orphanage are from underprivileged family. They are mostly from East Nusa Tenggara, but some are from Bali.

Ariston, a staff in Chloe House said that children in that place are ranging fom five to fourteen years old, with the total of seventeen children.

“Most of the children are from NTT, they are commended to us or being left by their parents as they are too poor that they can’t take care of the children,” he said.

According to him, all children living in that place are going to school and they are being cared well. They also are taught to be independent.

“We actually want to train them various skills for their future life, but no one can teach them,” he said.

Their entire daily needs and school matters are afforded by Mitra Kasih Abadi Foundation, while donation from donator is very rarely.

Fund from the government is none.

He is really thankful and very pleases to receive the donation, as well as hoping that it will continue in the future.

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