Road to Jatiluwih will be Repaired Soon


The road to Jatiluwih located in Tabanan regency, which is determined as one of world cultural hetitages (WBD) in Bali, will soon be repaired.

“We will soon repair the road to follow up the people complaint,” said the Head of General Work Department Tabanan Regency IGN Anom Anthara.

The road to the agricultural tourist object that is preserved by traditional irrigation organization in Bali or called ‘subak’ in Jatiluwih, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, is badly damaged.

“We have made the mapping. We hope roadwork and road development could be done based on the plan and demand,” said Anom Anthara.

He admitted that he had announced the tender of roadwork heading to Jatiluwih. “As soon as the winner is determined, the roadwork will be done soon,” he said.

To reach jatiluwih WBD area, there are four lines of road. From those four lines, three lines are broken. For lines from Mangesta, Sambahan and Wangaya, will be repaired this year.

Meanwhile, the Senganan-jatiluwih roadwork is still in the process of proposal to the central government through APBN of 2013.

“However, until the second semester of 2013, there are no signs that it will be done. We hope that next year the fund could be disbursed so the road condition could be improved,” he said.

Anom Anthara added that in jatiluwih there are three activities, they are irrigation, repair and environment disposition. In Jatiluwih there are 14 packages of irrigation area.

In 2012 two packages had been done and nine packages in 2013, while the rest three will be planned in 2014. “People also propose to establish the closed irrigation channel,’ he said.

The proposal had been followed up by the General Work Department by proposing the program to the central government. Meanwhile, for the environment disposition, concretes and paving stones had been set in the WBD area and at Soka Village, Penebel as the WBD supporting area.

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