Taman Nusa is Projected as Cultural Preservation Center

Taman Nusa located in Gianyar regency, Bali, is projected as the center of national cultural preservation and development.

The management of Taman Nusa said that the tourism object as what its vision and mission is to encourage people acknowledging the national culture and tradition.

The tourism object is located at Sidan Village, BankarKelodBlahpane, or about one kilometer to the North from the center of Gianyar city.

Taman Nusa has the panorama of Agung mountain scenery, village area and green rice fields as well as chasm and river alongside the place.

Besides, Taman Nusa presents history of Indonesia from pre-historical era, bronze era, kingdom era, Culture Village, beginning history of Indonesia, Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, Indonesia now and Indonesia in the future.

On the pre-historical era, at Taman Nusa there is heritage in the form of cave and rocks, while on the bronze era there are collections of agriculture equipment and human life during that era.

The kingdom era is when the kingdoms are established, which now become heritage having historical value as an evidence of human civilization on that period of time and by having a village area consisting of various traditional houses in the form of replica that bring interactive atmosphere between the visitors and the cultural things.

In the beginning of Indonesian history, Taman Nusa presents the influence of Chinese culture, while in the Independence era there is replica of proclamation letter read by Soekarno, the first Indonesian President.

Indonesia now could be seen from the situation of big cities especially in Java, generally describes the existence of technology shift such as train, while in future Indonesia, the management of Taman Nusa establishes library and museum of historical objects.

Taman Nusa that could accommodate 250 tourists has various VIP facilities, mushola, and auditorium.

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