Bali Taxi Drivers Claim for Argo Rate Increase


Dozens of taxi drivers who are members of the Association of Bali Taxi Driver (PSTB) went to the local parliament building to demand an increase in argometer passenger charge to adjust increasing price of subsidized fuel.

“The increase in subsidized fuel price reduces the driver income. Moreover, there is news that there will be addition of a new taxi armada. Thus, there must be a argometer rate increase,” said Chairman of PSTB Ketut Witra in Denpasar.

The fuel price greatly affects the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance. However, since the increase in subsidized fuel price, there is no assurance of the validity and increase on taxi meter.

According to him it makes a taxi driver lost Rp30 thousands per day. “If there is no policies in favor, what will happen to us next?” he said.

He hoped that there is certainty to increase taxi meter about Rp6, 000 up to Rp7, 000 once the door is open. “Moreover, deposits to management also increase,” he added. PSTB also worried by the addition of a new taxi fleet. “There should be no addition of new taxi because it will only harm the existing taxi drivers who have been operated for a long time. If no new license, we are getting displaced,” he said.

He said that he had coordinated with officials of Desa Adat Kuta to urge the government to reject the new taxi fleet.

The taxi drivers were accepted by the Chairman of Commission I DPRD Bali Made Arjaya accompanied by Vice-Chairman I Gusti Putu Widjera. They promised to follow up the complaint of the taxi driversby calling the Department of Transportation, Communication and Information of Bali.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Bali Parliament Ida Bagus Putu Sukarta asked the government to give serious attention on the taxi drivers’fate. Related to the addition of a new taxi fleet, he also asked the government to consider the fate of a taxi driver who had been unclear.

“From the beginning we also oppose the addition of new fleet. Don’t get people become victims of a policy that does not absorb the aspirations of community. The taxi drivers are also involved in driving social economy. So they must be protected,” said Sukarta confirmed.

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