Children Protection National Commission Found Human Trafficking Allegedly Involving Foreigner


National Commission for Children Protection found human trade (trafficking) with victims of children with veiled prostitution indication in Jembrana Regency, Bali.

The crimes with children victim was allegedly involving foreigners.

“We have been conducting an investigation for six months. As a result, we found that children who are victims of human trafficking for the purposes of prostitution. The crime is also conducted with structure,” said Chairman of the National Commission for Children Protection, Arist Merdeka Sirait, in Negara, Jembrana regency.

According to him, from the investigation carried out, it is a crime involving foreigners living in Jembrana regency, with the lure of millions rupiah.

“In average the victims we met said that they have sex the first time with the foreigner. Afterwards they were often given money between Rp5 millions to Rp20 millions,” he said.

Related to these findings, Arist said, we will coordinate with government of Jembrana regency who are composing the Draft Regulation on Human Trafficking.

If it is made legal, the regulation should be strictly applied to save the young generation from human trafficking.

“We will also coordinate with the Jembrana police because they have the legal authority to deal with this case,” he said.

During the investigation in Jembrana, Arist admitted, the foreigner attracted his victims with a chain mode among them.

“The victims mostly are from an average family so that they are just barely tempted when the foreigner gives large amounts of money. To the victims, the perpetrator also askthem to bring friends if they need help,” he said.

To the victims, the perpetrators also do as he wishes with no respect if he gets bored and then get another teen.

“In average the victims are still in junior high school. Some whom we met, they were used from the second to the third year and after that they are ignored,” Arist said.

Besides invited to have sex, the victims were also photographed naked with exchange of Rp2 millions. “The victims do not know what their pictures are for. The growing teens are exposed to crime like this,” he said.

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  1. jimmy Says:

    It’s a horrible crime n lowest level of human behavior. Those involved needs to punished, however it’s imperative to get local pimps (suppliers) to be held accountable. It’s be naive to put100% blame on foreigners only. Locals needs to punished twice because without their hunger of money etc it’s not possible that just a foreigner lands n just gets into such acts.

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