Construction of Narcotics Correctional Institution to be Completed in 2014


The construction of special correctional institution (LP) for narcotics case, which is now running in Bangli Regency, Bali, is targeted to be completed in 2014 to decrease over-capacity occurred in LP Class II-A Kerobokan, Denpasar.

“We hope that in 2014 over-capacity in here (LP Kerobokan) could be moved to special LP for Narcotics in Bangli Regency,” said the Head of Regional Office Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Bali Province, Asep Kurnia in Denpasar.

According to him, the construction of correctional institution built at Buungan, Tiga Village, Susut District, Buleleng Regency is done gradually, in which it just has border wall.

Meanwhile, the construction of office building and kitchen is targeted to be finished in 2013 and for the prisoners and convicts’ blocks to be completed in 2014.

He had budgeted Rp 4 billions for office building and kitchen located in the LP, which is 2 hectares wide. He stated that to finish the special correctional institution for narcotics construction, it needs more than Rp 50 billions budgeted from the national budget and expenses.

It is expected that the LP located in the fresh area could accommodate about 400 prisoners and convicts specifically involved in narcotics so it could decrease over-capacity in LP Kerobokan.

“We hope over-capacity in LP Kerobokan could be moved there (LP Narcotics in Bangli),” he said.

As we know, LP Kerobokan is inhabited majority by prisoners and convicts involved in narcotics/ drugs cases.

The biggest correctional institution on the island, now is inhabited by 982 convicts from the capacity of 323 people. Around 50 percent of the total number is people involved in drugs case.

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