Puri Gerenceng Organized Iftar Gathering

Puri Gerenceng as one of the former Hindu kingdom in Denpasar held iftar for Muslims, as an effort to strengthen inter-religious brotherhood in Bali.

“By holding iftar gathering, it will be an exchange of thoughts between people so that our kinship is maintained,” said the figure of Puri Gerenceng Anak Agung Ngurah Agung on the sidelines of breaking fast together.

The activity is a routine activity carried out annually.

On the Hindu big religious day such as Galungan, Puri Gerenceng also always invites Muslims to stay in touch to castle located in Jalan Soetomo, Denpasar.

“The brotherhood that has been fostered by our ancestors must be maintained so that it can create apeaceful atmosphere in Bali,” said the Chairman of the Hindu Muslim Brotherhood (PHMB).

In addition, there is historical ties between Puri Gerenceng with Muslims in Bali, thus Ngurah Agung has moral responsibility to keep the harmony.

“Bali is a tourist destination and world spotlight so its security conditions must be maintained in order not to influence the development of tourism,” he said.

He believed that with the gathering, it will still maintain conducive environment on the island.

On that occasion also presented 163/Wirasatya Military Commander Col. (Inf) Anton Nugroho. He stated his commitment to maintain the security of the island.

“But it can not be denied that Bali has the potential and the threat of conflict between residents and inter-organizations associated with religion,” he warned.

According to him, with the existence of this relationship it will maintain the brotherhood so that the potential will be buried deeply and what remains is peace.

“In addition, people who want to stir up trouble also find it’s hard because our kinship is already very tight,” he said.

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