The Head of Husbandry Department Admitted Rabies Wild Dog Bit Resident


The Head of Husbandry Department (Kadisnak) of Bali Province Putu Sumantra admitted that the wild dog that had bitten a resident is rabies positive after having a lab check.

“The result of examination in Denpasar Veterinary Bureau, the dog that bit a resident in Petulu Village, Gianyar regency, is rabies positive,” said Sumantra in Denpasar.

He said that the victim that got the dog bite had been given anti-rabies vaccine (VAR) and is assured not dangerous.

With this case, said Sumantra, he had coordinated with the local officials to eliminate all wild dogs in the area.

For Gianyar regency, the population of wild dog is still many, especially in Payangan and Tegalalang village. The wild dogs generally live in the forest in bushes and cliff. When they are hungry they will go down to the village to look for food.

According to Sumantra, until July 2013 two cases of dog bite are rabies positive. All are from the wild dogs.

“The wild dogs don’t get any vaccine, from the mother to its child and so on. Therefore, certainly rabies virus is still there particularly because the wild dogs don’t get any vaccine at all,” he said.

Because of the incident, according to Sumantra, people are finally aware that wild dogs must be eliminated.

“Now people at Petulu Village and some villages around it already have initiative to eliminate wild dogs entering the village area. So we are thankful because wild dogs coming from the forest and mountain could be eliminated,” he said.

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