Tourism Moratorium Should be Part of Bali Planning

An economy observer Dr I Gde Made Sadguna encouraged that moratorium of tourist accommodation becomes an integral part of construction planning in Bali.

“For me, moratorium is not only for South Bali, but also a part of the island planning as a whole so it could synergy and support each other,” he said in Denpasar.

He thought that there is no clear blue print on Bali development, so moratorium appeal delivered by the Governor Made Mangku Pastika several years ago is very relevant.

“However, it should not only stop but think to prepare a good planning,” he said.

After that, he added, it should be analyzed properly on its advantage and disadvantage, then a decision should be made to continue the moratorium or open a new tourist accommodation opportunity.

“Because if it is without analysis, so it just only a construction without a good planning,” he said.

Sadguna hoped that all parties have commitment to think Bali development as a unity (one island management) and immediately meet so it’s not only rhetoric.

“It’s all people responsibility, not only regional government, including important role of community and figures of local community,” he said.

On the other hand, regarding to reclamation in the area of Benoa Bay that is planned to build tourist accommodation, Sadguna has concern that it will cause various social impacts.

“Not only environmental impact, but also social culture and economy impacts. I suggest people could take the opportunity,” he said.

If it is unprepared, he said, so Balinese people only become a spectator. “Other people will take the opportunity but we only get the trash or negative impacts,” said Sadguna.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of Bali Parliament Ida Bagus Putu Sukarta said that the plan of Benoa Bay reclamation in Badung Regency should be stopped.

“The executive should take Balinese people aspiration. We disagree with the reclamation. Let’s take our people aspiration into account. Just stop the reclamation,” said Sukarta in Denpasar.

He hoped that the executive absorb people aspiration and respond to their objection on the reclamation. Don’t force the reclamation as it will harm the community more. Don’t just think about reclamation and establishing tourist accommodation.

“Let’s absorp and listen to Balinese people aspiration and be courageous together. Stop the reclamation plan since it harm pBalinese eople more,” he said.

The politician from Sanur also asked all components of community to understand the purpose of big investors behind the reclamation plan, because marine reclamation is only for business purposes not environment preservation.

“We should think dynamically but the structure of environment and culture should not change fundamentally,” said the Chairman of DPD Gerindra Bali.

Sukarta further said that the reclamation will bring negative impact on social culture structure. The behavior of Balinese people will change and accelerate in higher life competition.

He took example of Serangan Island reclamation in Denpasar that changed the social culture pattern of the local people. The crime is higher as around the location are cafes that employ women, as a result there are cases of HIV/ AIDS. Physically, Serangan Island reclamation made beaches in Sanur, PAdanggalak, and Lebih (Gianyar) got abrasion due to the change of sea stream.

“So, dn’t let similar condition happen due to reclamation in Benoa Bay. Besides, the economy and business activities will be focus on Southern of Bali, thus the balance and equality of economy and development will not come true,” he said.

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