Tourist Village to Develop Typical Culinary

Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti encouraged tourist villages in her region to develop a typical culinary as an effort to attract tourists.

“Of course we will support the development of the typical culinary done by the tourist village community,” she said in Tabanan.

He thought that the typical Balinese culinary is generally monotonous and unable to attract tourists to try it. “If only the people in the tourist village is able to make and present delicious foods, tourists will certainly feel home and it also opens employment opportunities for the villagers,” said the first daughter of former Tabanan Regent Adi Wiryatama.

Wiryastuti is very proud to the culinary presented by Wirawana Padepokan members, in Penebel District. “It is a high flavor cooking and the way they are presented is not inferior to five-star hotels,” she said.

The Padepokan is able to present “entil” or typical food from Penebel served with chicken steak and crispy carp.

She recently became aware that there is potential in Tabanan besides abundant natural resources, it also has skilled workers in the culinary field.

“The menu presented by the citizens could inspire anyone to taste as its presentation is very attractive,” she said.

Meanwhile Wayan Wirawan as the Padepokan administrator recognized that his members have received training from experienced international chefs in Bali.

“Our members in Padepokan Wirawana now consist of 30 people. Their ability shouldn’t be doubted as they’ve got the training from the great chefs,” he said.

The Padepokan, he continued, also empower local community especially women who are members of the Women Farmers Group to create a clean and healthy environment.

“In addition to developing culinary, we also empower women to sort out the trash into the garbage bank. Besides being able to create a clean and healthy environment, the program is also able to add their income,” Wirawan said.

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