Moslem Community Held “Megibung”

Moslem community in Kepaon, Denpasar, held “megibung” or iftar tradition with the main course of ‘nasi tumpeng’ (cone-shape rice) with chopped beef and chicken.

Remarkably, the chopped beef and chicken are seasoned with “kedonteng”, which is complete spice mixture usually used by Hindus in Bali on Galungan Day.

The spices consist of chilies, onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, candlenut, coriander, kapulaga, lime, and coconut.

Before starting the iftar, the Moslem people living in Kepaon were given “Brungkul” drink that is made by coconut milk, sugar, tapioca and clove. All foods were made by housewives in Kepaon Kaja, Kepaon Tengah, and Kepaon Kelod areas.

The tradition of “megibung” is held every 10th day of Ramadhan at Al-Muhajirin mosque, Kepaon.

“In Balinese language, ‘megibung’ or ‘mepatung’ means having meal together using a plate. That’s why we call the tradition ‘megibung’, which is ancestors’ heritage to tighten brotherhood among the local people,” said H Iskak Ibrahim as the takmir of Al-Muhajirin mosque on the sidelines of ‘megibung’.

According to him, the local people make ‘megibung’ as a tradition since Islam entered Kepaon, which is said in 1362 AD.

On the tradition, Moslems start it with breaking fast (takjil) that has been prepared. Then, before doing shalat magrib together, dozens of men directly eat the foods served.

Generally the food served in a plate layered with oil-paper, which is had by four to six people.

The types of foods are various but usually the main course id coned-rice (nasi tumpeng) with beef, fried chicken, vegetables, egg, and fruits as dessert.

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