New Airport Could Flatten Farmland


The construction of new airport at Sumberkima village, Buleleng Regency, could flatten farmland in North Bali.

“The area of North Bali is strategic, it is approximately along the shores from Kubutambahan (East) to Gerokgak district (West) that becomes the target of investors,” said the main researcher at Democtratic Economics School (SDE) Hendro Sangkoyo when held a meeting with Bali Organic Association (BOA) in Denpasar.

He admitted that there is positive impact with the presence of investors to the region to improve its economics sector. However, it can’t be denied that the economy development will threaten local people, such as land acquisition.

He explained that local people especially farmers are threatened. Therefore, he asked people and government to control the land acquisition.

However, unfortunately now government is in charge in land conversion by making regulation without having observation to the field and asking for opinion from the community.

“They don’t think about the impact after five or ten years. What they think about is only their safe position and profit,” he said.

Therefore, he is concerned to do action together with the community, students caring for environment and non-government organizations to unify perception stopping land conversion in Bali, which becomes more uncontrollable.

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