Phillipines Tourist Molested by Security at a Club


A tourist from Phillipines, Maria Teofila Manuel, via email sent to Bali Times, confessed that she was molested by a security at a club located at Jalan Legian, namely Sky Garden.

As a result, she got bruises on some parts of her body.

After being investigated, the victim had reported the case to Polsek Kuta.

The chief of criminal unit Polsek Kuta Iptu Agustiawan confirmed the report.

Based on the report received by police, the incident happened on Saturday night (20/7) at third floor of Sky Garden.

On the report, it has been stated that the accused is a security staff.

Accrding to the report, the accused had kicked the victim several times causing pain and bruises on her thighs, knees and bones.

“Please be patient, at present there are many version. We only investigated the victim. We still look for witnesses around the location of incident. Besides, to find the security who did the harassment. There is information that says the victim had kicked him first. So, we still investigated the case from the location,” said Agustiawan.

The chairman of LPM (Community Complaint Agency) I Nyoman Graha Wicaksana is disappointed because of the incident.

In fact, at Sky Garden and other night clubs, similar incident often happens, in which the perpetrator is the customer or the security.

“It shows that the security system is not comfortable and safe,” he said.

Graha encouraged government to anticipate similar incident as government role is very important in order to maintain tourism image in Bali.

“Government should monitor it,” he said.

He urged the businessman to apply several things such as prohibit drunken customers to enter and not provide service or offer alcoholic drinks if the customers already drunk.

“Based on my experience in Australia, if a customer coming when they are drunk they will be prohibited to enter by the security. If, for exampke, they already inside the club and get drunk, the bartender has a right to stop giving service. So, if harrasment keep happening even the ones done by a security, it will destroy the tourism image. Thus, Bali seems not safe,” he explained.

What if the tourist start first? Graha strictly stated that it’s not a reason to hit a customer, especially foreigners. He said that security should secure not harm the customer.

“They should keep the customer safe first. Don’t just hit straighforwardly,” he said.

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