Environmental Activists Reject Reclamation of Benoa Bay


Dozens of environmental activists Bali consisting of Walhi, Frontier, Commission on Environmental Advocacy, BEM Udayana University as well as several musicians and artists performed a theatrical production in delivering denial to Benoa Bay reclamation.

The demonstrators acted out as investors, government, and small fishermen fishing at sea in a theatrical action in front of the Governor of Bali Office in Renon, Denpasar.

Suryadi Darmoko as coordinator said that the reclamation of Tanjung Benoa to build a number of tourist accommodations and various other supporting facilities by PT TWBI by plotting Benoa Bay area of 838 hectares is contrary to the moratorium on the construction of a variety of tourist accommodation issued by the Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika.

Besides, the land plotting harms the fishermen and Balinese people, opens up more abrasion, narrows down the coastal fishermen fishing areas, and so on.

The Governor himself issued a moratorium that in South Bali is full of tourist accommodation buildings. Therefore, it is temporarily halted all construction of tourism facilities and accommodation in the region of South Bali.

“The reality now is there are investors who want to build it up in a way reclaiming the area again. It’s very strange, “said Suryadi Darmoko.

After holding demonstration, the protesters peacefully dismissed with police guard.

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