Head of Penitentiary Denied Torturing British Convict


Head of Penitentiary II Class-A Denpasar in Kerobokan, Gusti Ngurah Wiratna, denied all allegations stated by Rachel Dougall (40), a convict of smuggling cocaine valued at 1.6 million pounds, or around Rp25 billions, which reveals the lack of facilities in the penitentiary.

Previously to the foreign media, the British citizen told about the inhumane treatment she got while in the prison, such as being tortured to bed covered by mats only.

“Once knowing Rachel’s statement, we immediately make a team. We investigated the cell where she is that is also inhabited by inmates from various countries,” he said.

According to him, from the result of investigation carried out, it revealed that all Rachel’s confessions are not correct. Even Rachel’s roommate stated that no such thing as presented by the British woman to the media.

The accusation delivered by the ex-convict made the former Head of Children Penitentiary in Tangerang became inflamed and confused.

Wiratna admitted that all the existing facilities in the prison for Rachel are quite special, from a soft and thick mattress and the water never turn off until the most comfortable place

“How could she make up such story. We do not know what her motive is, whether looking for fame, for money or others, I don’t know. Rachel’s mattress has the same thickness as my bed at home. Now, as soon as she is free, the mattress is used by other inmates. Please do check,” he said.

He confirmed, he denied the existence of torture like what Rachel had told. Although the guard is far from ideal, but he knew exactly fixed routine patrol is conducted.

“Currently their Consulate General also knows Rachel’s facilities and activities while she was in prison. How could she tell a story like that,” he said surprisingly.

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