Bali Don’t Need Investment Regulation


Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika said that the region not require regulations specifically managing the investment because it has been set in a range of existing regulations.

“Bali has had Customary Village law, Regulation of Cultural Tourism, Regulation of Spatial Plan (RTRW) and also other regulations governing structured layout are being compiled. So, regulations on investment is actually enough,” he said in Denpasar.

In addition, he stressed to all parties when they plan to invest in Bali in order not to distract the value of customary wisdom and local culture.

“Local wisdom must be upheld so that when it receives the investment should be through good selection,” he said.

However, the former police chief of Bali said that, don’t refuse investment straightforwardly before it is matched and reflected according to the values.

“If it does not fit in with the customs and culture, so it cannot be followed up. In the local regulations it already been pretty set,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that finally he revoked the Decree (SK) of Bali Governor on Permit and Use and Development Management Rights of waters in Benoa Bay, Badung regency.

The Decree No. 2138/02-C/HK/2012 dated December 26, 2012 signed by the Governor of Bali, is no longer valid since Friday (16/8) due to a variety of considerations.

“We welcome suggestions, opinions and also scientific studies conducted by the legal team of Bali so it was decided that the decree is not applicable anymore,” he said.

Related tothe Decree, it previously had some pros and cons from various Balinese societies. Provincial government also held a dialogue inviting Balinese community leaders to hear their opinions on the proposed utilization of Benoa Bay.

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