Governor Revokes Decree of Benoa Bay Reclamation


The Governor Made Mangku Pastika finally revoked the Decree (SK) of Bali Governor on Permit and Rights of Use Development and Management of Benoa Bay waters, Badung regency.

“By Friday (16/8), the Decree No. 2138/02-C/HK/2012 dated December 26, 2012 is canceled regarding a variety of considerations,” said Governor Mangku Pastika.

He said that the revocation or cancellation of the decree on the reclamation permit is based on the Bali Provincial Parliament recommendation letter issued last week and consider various aspirations that appear in society.

“In detail I have not learned the recommendation from the Provincial Parliament Bali, but in general it urged the Decree on giving permit for the utilization and conservation of Benoa Bay to be immediately revoked. Thus, I stated since yesterday it is revoked or canceled,” said the former police chief of Bali.

In addition to the recommendation of members of DPRD-Bali, he said, requests from all elements of society ranging from academicians, NGOs, environmental practitioners, as well as traditional and religious leaders also rejected the permit of the utilization and conservation. That is why the reclamation Decree is finally revoked.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Commission I DPRD Province Bali Made Arjaya said he already knew that the Decree is definitely canceled.

“I already knew that after DPRD Bali Province issuing the recommendation, the Decree of reclamation will be canceled,” said the PDI-P politician.

Arjaya admitted that if cancellation by the Governor Pastika had been coordinated with several parties, including himself.

Nevertheless, according to him, scientific study on feasibility study (FS) is expected to be conducted.

“If FS is a form of community service in University. Thus, it can be continued,” he said.

However, if it continues to reclamation permit, according to him, it is not the time because there are many steps that must be performed in a variety of other aspects.

“The process and mechanism are still quite long. It is better to think what more urgent for Balinese people,” said Arjaya.

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