Hotels in Bali Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day


A number of hotels in Bali celebrated the 68th Indonesian Independence Day with a variety of ways as what Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center did, which was to conduct the flag raising ceremony commemorating the seconds of proclamation in the front yard of the tourist accommodation.

The ceremony captured the attention of the majority of foreign tourists who stay at the hotel that is located in the center of Denpasar. The tourists from China took some shots on the event from start to the end.

Not only that, some of them took pictures with the officers after the flag-raising ceremony.

“The significance of this activity is as a form of respecting the heroes at the same time we continue instilling a sense of nationalism to all employees of this hotel,” said Ketut Rai Mahajhony as the General Manager of Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center.

Rai, who served as an inspector at the ceremony said that although as workers in the tourism industry who meet with a variety of ethnics and tribes in the world, we should not be forgotten our identity as an Indonesian.

The commencement of proclamation seconds purposely held this year in the front yard aims to attract the attention of guests staying at the hotel, because in the previous year it was held in the meeting room.

“Sense of nationalism will continue to be grown to employees, because we seem are always proud and to use the local products to other nations,” he said.

He added that besides, in the future it will continue to improve the capabilities and performance of the employees with a wide range of training activities.

On that occasion it also given a symbolic tribute to the divisions showing good performance enhancement, namely the kitchen division.

Rai said that the ceremony was attended by 162 employees at the hotel, who had also participated in various competitions in commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day this year, such as quiz and exercise.

Similar activities performed by employees and staffs of Grand Istana Rama Hotel by conducting various racing competitions like eating crackers, marbles in the relay race and collect flags in the pool.

The races were not only followed by employees, but a number of guests staying at the hotel also participated.

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