Metallica Prefers to Stay in Bali


Visited for the second time by Metallica is a precious moment for the rock lovers. But apparently the pleasure is not only within the audience, but also the members of the band from America.

The band members, namely James Hetfield (vocals, guitar), Kirk Hammett (guitar), Robert Trujillo (bass) and Lars Ulrich (drums) said that they were happy to be back hold a concert in Jakarta.

“We are delighted to be back here, we will be presenting a special and unique concert, of course, one that can provide a different experience to the audience,” said Lars Ulrich.

From many countries they’ve visited, especially in Asia, Ulrich said that Indonesia has a special place for the members of Metallica.

“It’s our one week stay in Bali. Bali is a cool place, during that time we also have a live concert and we had just finished a concert in Singapore. And Indonesia is extraordinary, we try our best to give the fans the best concert in Indonesia,” Ulrich said.

According to news in Warta Kota, Metallica chose to stay in Bali and willing to do trips to Bali during their tour to Malaysia, Singapore and some other places.

It feels like home, Bali is a location where Lars Ulrich and his colleagues spend their leisure time after successfully entertaining his fans.

Jakarta is the final destination of Metallica concert this year in Asia, after the concert on Sunday night Metallica is scheduled to be back to their home country. “It (The concert) is our final destination of the previous concerts we did in several countries, thereafter, we will go home,” said the guitarist Kirk Hammet.

While in Bali, some personnel of Metallica, will do surfing with local surfers. Some beaches are the destination for Trujillo and Hammett, Metallica personnel, such as Kuta Beach, Brawa Beach, Canggu, Uluwatu, and Jimbaran.

None Balinese people acknowledge them when crossing the street. Because the majority of Balinese people do not know any Metallica personnel. Does it benefit them, because they will not be disturbed by the act of the fans in Bali, while relaxing in Bali?

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