Bali, Yogyakarta to Represent Indonesia in Ramayana Festival 2013


Bali and Yogyakarta Provinces will represent Indonesia in the International Ramayana Festival 2013 in Yogyakarta from September 7 to 9.

“In addition to Indonesia as the host, there are a total of ten participating countries in the event such as India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam,” the professor of Indonesian Arts Insitute (ISI) Denpasar, Kadek Suartaya, said here on Wednesday.

In the event, Bali entourage will be represented by Purna Gianyar Dance Studio, led by I Made Sidia.

There are about 200 artists who join the Bali arts entourage to attend the international event, which is divided into three activities including the Ramayana dance art drama show, the Ramayana ethos seminar and a number of workshops.

Suartaya, who also will act as puppet master during the Ramayana dance art drama show, said that in the show Bali to carry the “Putri Cinta Mustika Bumi” theme.

The show, scheduled to lasted 30 minutes, is nicely laid out with good preparation during the story telling of how after the Goddess Sinta freed by thousands of monkeys from the clutches of Rahwana.

After nearly a year under the grip of Rahwana in Alengka, Goddess Sinta’s husband Srirama wanted to test her sanctity by making a bonfire.

Goddess Sinta prove her sanctity by plunging throw herself into the midst of the bonfire’s huge blaze, however she was not injured at all, even her face shine brighter.

Srirama who saw Goddess Sinta out of the fire without any injuries was stunned by his wife’s sincerity and love.

The show involving about 200 artists including kids, adult and elderly while also to be filled with Semara Dana Gamelan instruments and glongs blaganjur.

Meanwhile the show properties, including some wooden horses and ogoh-ogoh scheduled to departed early in a big truck.

Suartaya added that the Bali arts entourage gets the chance of their performance on the last day, before the closing ceremony on Monday Reporting by IK Sutika.

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