UNUD Decides Benoa Bay Reclamation Inapplicable


Senate of Udayana University decided that the plan of Benoa Bay Reclamation project, in Badung Regency, is inapplicable to be carried on due to the result of study done by researcher team of the biggest public university in Bali.

“We’ve decided based on the result of study it is inapplicable,” said Rector of Unud Prof Dr Ketut Suastika after holding Senate meeting with agenda of discussing the study on Benoa Bay Reclamation in Jimbaran, Badung Regency on Monday.

He stated that the decision of “reclamation is inapplicable” on the Senate meeting attended by Professors and Deans of Udayana University was made after having a close look into the results of study done by researchers in the Research and Community Service Agency (LPPM) Unud and is analyzed again by the review team.

According to him, Benoa Bay reclamation is inapplicable in terms of environment, technical, social, culture and financial economy aspects. However, he didn’t say in detail the impacts of reclamation on each aspect, as it isn’t his field of study.

“In personal I even don’t involve because it isn’t my field of study, so that psychologically I’m not influenced by the real analysis done by the experts,” he said.

He added that the decision of Benoa Bay reclamation study result was made in a Senate meeting because it is regarded as an important study that will affect the image of Unud.

Meanwhile, the Head of LPPM Unud Dr I Ketut Satriawan said that the final results of study that had been decided by Unud have no impact on the payment from investor namely PT Tirta Wahana Bali International (TWBI), which previously asked him to conduct a study on Benoa Bay reclamation.

He admitted that there is one term of payment that is not paid yet by TWBI to LPPM Unud because the final work is not finished yet.

The value of contract done by LPPM Unud and PT TWBI, he said, is Rp 1,094 billions and referring to the contract there are five terms of payment base on the work achievement.

“If the first step of study is finished, the first term of payment is being paid, and so on,” he said.

Similar to Rector of Unud, Satriawan also didn’t want to explain in detail about each aspect that become the foundation of rejecting the project to be carried on.

“I can’t say in detail since it’s not my field, I don’t understand. I don’t remember the details as not all competencies are there,” he said.

He also didn’t mind if the investor wants to conduct a study involving other universities in Bali after Unud decided the reclamation of Benoa Bay is inapplicable.

The Senate meeting with agenda of making decision of reclamation results of study, which was combined with preparation of Dies Natalis Unud held for more than four and half hours and it was closed to media.

Meanwhile, the Chair of Review Team on the results of study done by LPPM Unud, Prof Dr Komang Gde Bendesa, when he was about to be confirmed about the reasons that become four basic aspects of the objection didn’t want to be interviewed and avoided any journalist.

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