Australian Girl Becomes A Victim of Sexual Abuse in Bali


An Australian girl with initial GEO reported became a victim of sexual abuse. The incident happened to the 19 years old girl when she was shopped in a shop in Kuta.

GEO admitted that it happened to her when shopping at Jalan Legian, Kuta, on August 31, 2013. The victim spending her holiday in Bali with her family stay at Lentera villa in Kuta.

The story is as follows, when she entered the shop door, four strange men approached her. Those four men asked her to have picture together. Without any suspicion, she did what the men asked her to.

Those four men took pictures with her one by one. However, when taking the pictures, the perpetrators’ hands feel her breast.

Darryn, the victim’s dad, didn’t accept what’s happening on his daughter. He reported the incident to Police.

“We confiscate the camera and photographs as evidence. From four perpetrators, we’ve determined two men as the suspects,” said the Head of Public Relations of Polresta Denpasar Adjunt Commissaries Ida Bagus Sarjana.

the two suspects are Lamin and Zainul. In the photograph, Lamin hold her breast, Zainul hold her thigh and Niam’s hand on her left shoulder.

According to him, based on the investigation on evidence, only Zainul and Lamin who are determined as the suspects. While Niam has not been proved guilty.

Unfortunately, Police can’t arrest the suspects as they only violated article 281 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) about violation of decency.

“The maximum punishment is two years so they can’t be arrested, but they must report regularly,” said Sarjana.

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3 Responses to “Australian Girl Becomes A Victim of Sexual Abuse in Bali”

  1. PM Says:

    this shows how week Indonesian law is when it comes to protecting women. -Violation of decency- it is… how sad…

  2. Steve Says:

    The crime is petty but pm should learn to spell

  3. Ernesto Says:

    The prevailing attitude amongst many Muslim men in Asia – Is ALL western women are promiscuous and they have the right to molest them!

    Shame !

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