Bali Premier Management Announce Rebranding to Premier Hospitality Asia


Bali Premiere Management announced their new rebranding to a refreshed look and name into Premier Hospitality Asia. President Director, Gunawan Rahardjo said this marks their step to go international, which is proven by their new project that already reaches Malaysia.

Being a rapidly growing full service of Hospitality Management since 2010, specializing in Boutique Villas and Resorts, this is an exciting time in presenting more than just a new brand.

Premier Hospitality Asia caters all the market demands, from honeymooners to family lifestyle. Leveraging its strong brand, Premier’s selective expansion of its collection throughout Asia provides resorts of choice for many tourists who come to Asia.

With numbers of hospitality management service in Bali as competitor, Gunawan Rahardjo still optimist with the market.

“We are confidence and optimist with our market because from year to year the occupancy and expectation in Bali is increasing,” he said while adding this optimism also happens to the other industry.

“Passion, Perfection, Premier Service” is Premier’s core of brand identity, energized about what they do, Premier Hospitality Asia is passionately giving the kindness of east culture, offering a personalized, bespoke service which blends the traditional values of discretion and convenience to ensure first class hospitality and exceptional vacation experiences to every guest at every Premier Hospitality Asia collections.

Meanwhile, the Premiere Hospitality Asia’s Malaysia Partner, DR. Dato Norraesah Mohammad said that Premiere Hospitality Asia have the best in hospitality management.

“If you wanted to know what hospitality is, then try to stay in a villa manage by Premiere Hospitality Asia. It just awesome,” she said.

With this hospitality management company established, Rahardjo committed to provide ethical, responsible and highly qualified staff on every project, Premier is constantly aware that teamwork is the basis of a successful business.

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