DPRD Denpasar Propose to Arrange Non Smoking Area


House of Representatives propose Non Smoking Area in certain places stated on the Plan of Regional Regulation on Smoke-Free Area.

“What is meant as non smoking area is that in public places people are allowed to smoke in provided spaces. It happens because we see that in public places such as market and terminal, it will be very hard to make all people not smoking and selling cigarette,” said Hilmun Nabi, a member of Denpasar House of Representatives (DPRD) on Tuesday.

Hilmun delivered the proposal on the meeting between Special Committee XX DPRD Denpasar with Assistant I Secretary of Denpasar Ketut Mister and several related institutions, namely Department of Health, Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Disdikpora), Department of Transportation and Department of Tourism Denpasar. Besides, it was also attended by Children Protection Agency of Bali Province and Community Health Knowledge Udayana University.

According to him, if it is Smoke-Free Area (KTR) so ideally there is no place for smoking at all. However, its implication in reality will be hard, so Non-Smoking area (KTM) is needed.

Similar thing is also stated by the Chair of Special Committee XX DPRD Denpasar Ida Bagus Kompiang Wiranata. According to him, it will be better if public places and offices not to call it as KTR but KTM.

The legislator from PDIP also hoped that the regulation on Ranperda KTR is in order and not violating other higher regulation. Therefore, it’s better if the term of KTM to be put earlier in the general points and don’t just mention it in the middle.

“We hope that on the Ranperda, the zone is arranged as how far the radius of non-smoking area. For example at school, if the non-smoking regulation only effective inside the school and as they’re outside the gate they can smoke, it won’t be good as well,” he said.

Meanwhile the Head of Law Division Denpasar I Made Toya said that he agrred on using those two terms. However, referring to the Provincial Regulation Number 10 of 2011 about Smoke-Free Area, it only states a term, which is KTR.

“We are worried to use two terms in the local regulation, it will be crossed out by the provincial admin when it comes to the verification process since it is regarded as violating the higher regulation,” he said.

According to Toya, as it has to refer to the higher regulation, it becomes hard for the local government when they have to regulate specific things, except the provincial regulation doesn’t say about it.

Meanwhile Assistant I Secretary of Denpasar Ketut Mister added that there is possibility not to fully adopt anything stated in the provincial regulation. He considered that in composing the Ranperda, there are lots of things that need to be completed.

“However, it is clear that the KTR Regulation is made to minimize the danger of cigarette. It is not only the government’ responsibility but also the community,” he said.

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