Legislator Calls Police to Tighten Firearms’ Control


The Badung District Legislative Assembly (DPRD) Commission A member, I Made Duama calls the police to tighten the firearm’s control considering the increasing cases of misuse of weapons in several regions in Indonesia.

“The use of firearms license should follow the procedure, we do not want the police to grant permission to certain persons without clear procedures,” he said here on Monday.

Duama also asked the police to intensify the firearm’s control in order to prevent the arrogance of firearm’s users.

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) politician assessed that the misuse of weapons now very concerning and even tend to unsettle the public.

He hoped the police can protect the public from the threats, “Instead of disturbing the public peace,” he said.

He also hoped the threats do not spread into the Bali island so the local and foreign tourists’ peace and comfort are not disturbed.

Earlier on Wednesday last week the Badung Police with Public Order Agency held a surprise inspection at Mengwi Terminal to anticipate crime and other criminal acts.

“The inspection was done to create an safe from crime threats atmosphere given the Badung District is one of the largest tourism destination in Bali,” the Badung Police Public Relation chief Adj. Com. I Made Dina said.

He explained that at least 30 personnel which consisted of intel, public development and public order officers strictly checked any public transport that goes to Mengwi Terminal.

The team checks on the completeness identity, luggage to anticipate terrorists’ smuggling into the region.

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