Minds Behind the Design of Taman Air Spa & Self Pampering, Bali


A day spa destination created with an exploration of thoughtful design, harmonizing Chinese philosophy and water as the symbol of life.

Bali, Indonesia (30th of August 2013) ~ When classic design meets sublime style, a chic spa sanctuary is unveiled offering every mind and soul a haven of tranquility. Flawlessly created as a restful getaway with ideas attuned to the island’s lifestyle, Taman Air Spa provides an elegant serene oasis within the vibrant enclave of Kuta.

Designed by Diana Andriani and Lily Santoso of Avilla Hospitality, Taman Air Spa’s design is based from their ideas of harmonizing Chinese philosophy, water element as the symbol of life, Balinese Royal touches and unique local materials. The natural knowledge of Chinese Taoistic philosophy, Yin and Yang, radiates in the design representing balance, tranquility and wisdom, allowing guests to be part of the peaceful ambience within, to emerge in a calm state of mind.

“Achieving the presence of peace and contentment in our guest’s mind became the foundation of ideas in designing Taman Air Spa” expresses the duo female designers from Avilla Hospitality. “Each space has its own journey of design. Through these chic comforts, we hope to engage with the guest in exploration of a different and new level of spa sanctuary”.

In creating this oasis, Avilla Hospitality committed to add a distinct value while delivering a unique and resonating wellness experience. Water as a symbol of life became the major expression in the spa’s design. This begins at the welcome path, revealing a playful show of static illusion on the surface of the 40 sqm reflecting pond, greeting guests, which leads them into the welcome area. As guest enters, the outside breeze whistles through a chandelier made from seashells that ‘sings’ the nature.

Soft colored blue daybeds and walls with a grass look and feel, creates a chic and calm transition lounge. This casual space is perfect for guests to unwind while the ambience immerses them into nature without direct contact with the outside scenery.

Taman Air Spa’s interpretation of water and Chinese philosophy is also seen in the creation of the lagoon – the spa’s centerpiece – with its unique wooden bridge path that resembles the shape of Yin and Yang. Balinese royalty will approve the unique approach of the designers by utilizing Balinese style clay brick walls to surround the lagoon area, infusing local material to the design and achieving a distinctive look. As the sun filters the horizon and candles lit by artisans, the lagoon area glows lively, delivering a mystical ambiance during twilight.

The designers symbolize the spirituality of the space by taking the outside, inside. All twelve deluxe treatment rooms and two spa suites are designed with a minimum yet harmonious touch of décor that exudes peace and elegance with greenery surroundings. This style is also echoed in the design of the semiprivate Jacuzzi and Sauna area, taking the nature as an inspiration for a chic setting. Other innovative style that allows a communion with nature is the use of Balinese bamboo throughout the front exterior as well as the Bamboo Café.

“The soft colors, element of water as the symbol of life and aspects of the Chinese philosophy are evident throughout the spa which we believe harmoniously echoes the ambience of nature, peace, and calmness” said Made Suarta Jaya, Operation Manager of Taman Air Spa.

From the chic architectural design that flirts with the guest senses, Taman Air Spa delivers a memorable journey through warm hospitality, certified spa therapists, and spa treatments that takes guest to a state of pure serenity.

Choose a spa journey from the various options crafted by our artisan and immerse yourself in rediscovering the harmony within the chic sanctuary of Taman Air Spa. For reservation, enquiries, Taman Air complete spa menu and pricelist, please look closer on our website at www.tamanairspa.com or call +62 361 894 7300. Become a fan: facebook.com/tamanairspa.com follow: twitter @tamanairspa

About Taman Air Spa
Taman Air Spa translates as an oasis. The signature logo represents a whirlpool, which forms circles reflecting the Chinese Taoistic philosophy of Yin and Yang, translated from Balance, Tranquility and Wisdom. Taman Air Spa opened its sanctuary in January 2012 and has become a distinct addition within the enclave of Kuta, offering an enchanting, peaceful environment.

About Avilla Hospitality Avilla Hospitality is an innovative player in its field and has a vision to be a leader in innovation and continue to inspire. Established in 2010 and has inspired and managed 10 brands, includes Le Jardin Boutique Villas – the “boutique villas” in high end segment, Berry Amour Villas – the “private & romantic villas” dedicated to honeymooners & couples, Alindra Villa – the “private historical villas” with Indonesia’s culture, Kokonut Suites – the “dream suite” classy with greenish shades, Bliss Wayan Hotel – the “first surf theme hotel” in Bali, Berry hotels – the “value hotel” in Kuta – Bali to meet & relax, Loft Legian Hotel – the “value hotel” with urban lifestyle concept, Cozy Stay – the “studio apartment” for long stay guests, Bale Udang Mang Engking – the restaurant with “exoticsm authentic of Indonesian food”, and Taman Air Spa – the high end”

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