Police Focus Handling Mutilation Case


The identity of human bones and skull found in the Penulisan conservation forest, Kintamani, Bangli is still mysterious. The Kintamani Police backed up by Bangli Police are still working hard to reveal the victim’s identity that is assumed gets mutilated. Moreover, based on the investigation of criminal scene, there is a strong assumption that the skull belongs to a foreigner.

The Head of Public Relations Bangli Police, AKP Ida Dewa Nyoman Rai, said that the skull had been sent to Sanglah Hospital to be autopsied. The result of this autopsy is expected could reveal the identity and the cause of death. “We are waiting for the result of autopsy soon at Sanglah Hospital,” he emphasized.

According to AKP Dewa Rai, this case becomes a serious attention for Bangli Police. In accordance to the Chief’s command, all personnel are asked to investigate it. Police personnel from the traffic police, criminal resort, intelligence agent, and community supervision staffs are asked to synergize revealing the disunited bones.

Until now he can’t make sure the cause of death. Based on the investigation at criminal scene, there is strong assumption that the victim was murdered. The parts of body are mutilated and thrown at the forest.

“If we see from the criminal scene simulation, there is presumption if the victim was murdered by mutilation. But to reveal the exact cause of death, it needs analysis through autopsy,’ explained AKP Dewa Rai.

The Head of criminal resort AKP Gusti Sudarma Putra added that from the result of early identification done by police, it was revealed that the victim wore dark color (blue or black) shirt, grey stripes shorts, white underwear full with blood spots.

The plastic bag around the bones, after it was opened, there are belt, a pair of Wainbroner adult-size sandals. “So far we don’t know the identity yet. We also can’t make sure the cause of death,” explained Sudarma Putra.

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