Tourists’ Length of Stay in Bali’s Star-Rated Hotels 3.18 Days


The average length of stay of tourists in Bali’s star-rated hotels rose slightly by 0.20 percent to 3.19 days in July from 2.99 days a month earlier, according to statistical data.

The length of stay of foreign and domestic tourists in the resort island in July averaged 3.23 days and 2.99 days respectively, Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) office in Bali Province Gede Suarsa said.

Gede Suarsa said foreign and domestic tourists stayed an average of 3.81 days and 3.06 days respectively in the provinces’s one starred hotels in July.

Two star hotels recorded the average length of stay of foreign tourists in July at 2.7 days and of domestic tourists at 3.24 days, he said.

Foreign tourists stayed an average of 3.03 days and domestic tourists an average of 4.73 days in three-star hotels in July, he said.

The average length of stay of foreign tourists and domestic tourists in four star hotels in July reached 3.25 days and 2.35 days respectively, he said.

Meanwhile, foreign and domestic tourists’ length of stay in five star hotels in July was 3.27 days and 3.14 days each.

A total of 297,878 foreign tourists visited Bali in July, up 8.06 percent from a month earlier. Compared to the same month last year, the tourist arrivals in July 2013 represented a 9.71 percent rise.

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