USA Delegate Admire Balinese Silver


USA delegate who will attend Women Forum and Asia Pasific Economy Cooperation (APEC) admired silver crafts from Gianyar, Bali, as it has specific characteristics.

‘The artwork is very beautiful and describes the spirit of Bali and it’s perfect,” said the USA Ambassador for Global Women Concern, Cathy Russell, when visited Suarti silver gallery at Ketewel village, Gianyar regency on Thursday.

On the one-hour visit, she was accompanied by some delegates including deputy of USA Embassy for Indonesia, Kristen Bauer and some staffs of Consulate General of USA in Surabaya.

The woman who is the Head of staff for four years for Jill Biden, the Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, seemed enthusiastic observing the process of making crafts in the form of necklace and bracelet made of pearls.

She also had a chance to see several Balinese silver crafts, which is popular in some countries.

The wife of Tom Donilon, the National Security Advisor of Obama, will bring some examples of women empowerment to the Women Forum and APEC that will be opened on Friday.

“I have a chance to discuss some specific examples that I see here and it will be a good example. I hope I have the opportunity to bring it to the forum,” said Cathy.

The silver entrepreneur from Gianyar, Desak Nyoman Suarti, admitted that she is proud to be visited by delegate from the superpower country. She expected that women entrepreneurs could be improved and motivated to develop further in business.

“This is our chance as Indonesian women to use the opportunity as we don’t get enough attention to develop. However, we have to step forward now and we could do it through arts,” she said.

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