Condom Use in Bali Increase 50 Percent


Condom becomes the most wanted thing in Bali. Moreover, people using condom increase to 50 percent compared to 2012.

The Head of Health department Bali province Ketut Suarjaya explained that the data conveys the use of condom in Bali increase to 50 percent.

The condom users, said Suarjaya, commonly are people doing free-sex. Only a few condom users are husband and wife.

According to him, sexual activities before marriage or free sex happens more in Bali.

“On the other hand, the increase number of condom use in Bali means people awareness to use condom increase too. It brings positive impact as it can decrease the cases of various sexual transmitted disease such as HIV/ AIDS that cause death,” said Suarjaya in Denpasar, Monday.

He expected that in the future access to condom is easier and cheaper but still maintaining the quality.

“It doesn’t mean that we want to make free-sex legal or encourage any prostitution but we only want to minimize disease transmission especially sexual disease that is closely related to free-sex,” he explained.

Suarjaya emphasized that character building for young generation in Bali is still minimal. According to him, the responsibility of character or behavior building is a moral responsibility from parents, teachers, religious figures, community figures and surrounding environment.

“This is what we call early education. And in Bali, early education is failed as there are many violated behaviors happened to Balinese young generation,” he emphasized.

The failure of character building in early level, Suarjaya said further, is one of causes of increasing condom use in Bali.

Therefore, he admitted that he fully supports the effort of the Chair of KPAI (Indonesia Children Protection Commission) Bali I Ketut Sudikerta who is also Vice Governor of Bali who has openly asked KPAI Bali and KPAI in regencies and city to be more focus on the case of HIV AIDS transmission.

Sudikerta, according to Suarjaya, had asked specific plan with specific budget allocation too.

The specific budget allocation will be included in the 2014 budget, which is Rp6 billions.

“Previously there is no specific budget for eradicating HIV AIDS. The budget given through Health Department is very minimal and the Health department only get Rp 500 millions. Meanwhile, KPAI Bali only get Rp 500 millions allocation. This is a commitment of the Vice Governor of Bali to eradicate HIV AIDS in Bali,” he explained.

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