Feng Shui To Revitalize Your Space

By S.BS. Surendran

Home interiors which conform to the precepts of good Feng Shui in terms of shape, colour and positioning generally feel much nicer than those which do not.

Feng Shui has been used in the home to improve such things as wealth and careers, find new partners, start families, help children to study, improve family harmony and later in life to support and improve our health so that we can enjoy the wealth which we’ve accumulated over the years. In short, feng shui at home can be used to influence just about every aspect of our lives.

By relating to the spiritual dimension Feng Shui, becomes more relevant to our modern day life. With our demanding, high-pressure lifestyles today, we need ways with which we can enhance and bring in some much needed balance to our lives.

Spiritual practices are nothing but good deeds that are essential for the practice of good Feng Shui. Each aspect of it can be used as a subtle tool that shapes and enhances your life and well-being. Each day you practice it, it helps you to become a good human being and contributes towards making the world a better place to live.

A Feng Shui house is a house where all the objects are in perfect harmony to each other whether we talk about the Feng Shui elements contained in them or the particular colors that have been used to enhance the space and in turn create the serene feel of spirituality. The Feng Shui is about balancing energies, of animate with inanimate and that of the soul with that of the universe, so that you get the positive energies of the universe flowing through the entire spaces in your house.

A home or business has interior factors and exterior factors that influence you and your mood. Shape of the house, floor plan, positions of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, desks, have an unseen psychological effect on you. History of the house, electro-magnetic energies emitted by electrical connections and cable, telephone, satellite dishes can have either positive or negative effects on you depending upon the sort of person you are. Similarly beams, lights, plants, water and influences of people surrounding you also have some role to play.
• Living areas require a bit of life and light, so keep within the colour spectrum of yellow or beige tones. Yellows and light browns offer a sense of earth tones, which usually match most furniture styles.
• Lights brings a vital source of energy and is the key element to setting the mood of any space. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, lights can help highlight or tone down certain areas of the room. Fluorescent lighting helps flood the room with an ambient feel.
• Avoid barriers in front of the door such as light partitions where you have to navigate around them to move to the next space. By ‘opening up’ the space, this technique immediately expands your front door sector many times over.

It doesn’t take much to revitalize the energy of your home with good Feng shui just a little bit of inspiration and a touch of sensitivity. Through materials, texture and colours, we can change the energy of any space to one that exuberates vibrancy and inspiration.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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