Five Indonesians Facing Death Sentence in China


Five Indonesian citizens faced dead penalty in China as they are alleged to be involved in smuggling narcotics and drugs.

The office of Anti-Smuggling Bureau Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, on September 2013 had arrested five Indonesian citizens that are all women, who are alleged to be involved in smuggling drugs.

Those five women were arrested by the local Police at different times in less than two weeks, which were on August 26, September 1, 5, and 7, 2013.

They were arrested at Baiyun International Airport when they were about to leave China for Indonesia.

In relation to that case, Indonesian Embassy for China in Beijing, on Saturday, said that they will provide consultation and legal assistance, regarding the maximum sentence for drugs smuggling in China is dead penalty.

The Indonesian representative in Beijing also inform Indonesian citizens who will and are travelling to China to obey the local regulations, and avoid any crime action, especially related to drugs that is categorized as heavy crime with threaten of dead penalty.

Most Indonesian involved in drugs crimes in China were couriers having persuaded by the amount of money they would get and being promised to get full protection if they were caught by the Police.

The international drugs syndicates operating in China generally are from African countries.

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