Government of Denpasar Analyse Electric Parking Ticket


The government of Denpasar city analyze the use of electric parking ticket replacing the paper ticket to reduce income leakage from parking retribution levy.

The Main Director of Parking Regional Enterprise DenpasarNyoman Sudiantara in Denpasar, on Wednesday, said that the companies offering electric parking ticket system had met him since three months ago but he still consider whether to approve it or not.

“We still consider the advantage. We can’t only see the income, but it’s important to consider the fate of more than 900 parking staffs in Denpasar,” he said.

He mentioned that by using manual ticket (paper) the potency of parking income leakage could reach 12-14 percent. The average income from parking retribution per month reaches Rp700 millions.

The technique of electric parking system is by using a device censoring the vehicle number both cars and motorcycles. Automatically, the device will record the vehicles police number to be connected to the server at parking regional enterprise office.

“The device offered to us is like a hand phone (cellular phone). The parking staffs will take a photo of the vehicles number, then it will be automatically connected to the record at the office. If there is someone who doesn’t take the picture of certain vehicle, it will be known easily as the device can detect each vehicle entering the parking lot,” he said.

The company offering partnership is a private company from Surabaya, but the sophisticated device is made by ITS (Surabaya Technology Institute). “We still analyze whether to use the device or not, besides regarding the fate of our parking staffs, it also because the device is so expensive, one unit is around Rp5 millions,” he said.

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