Kuta Need Streetlamps To Reduce Crime


Government of Badung Regency desire sufficient streetlamps in some dangerous locations to minimize crimes happened in the richest region in Bali province.

“There are a lot of strategic locations, including tourism objects, that is still lack of streetlights so that crimes can occur,” said the Head of Department of Sanitation and Parks of Badung regency I Putu Eka Merthawan in Denpasar, on Sunday.

He mentioned that Kuta Beach area is lack of lights. In fact, the tourist destination that is famous throughout the world is visited by many tourists, both at night and in the afternoon.

“There are some lights points, but it’s not enough to shine the whole area in Kuta Beach. Besides prone to crimes, the limited lights also can endanger tourists since it’s an area of ocean, which is very dark at night,” he said.

However, Merthawan doesn’t want the streetlights make tourists feel not comfortable when enjoying the beach at night.

“In fact, if it is too bright, the tourists don’t like it. However, at least it’s sufficient and the tourists are comfortable,” he said.

Besides Kuta Beach, the other tourist object that needs sufficient lights is Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi, which is set by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritage.

Previously, the government of Badung Regency have partnership with PT Philips Indonesia, the energy saver lights producer, to adorn Dewa Ruci and Satria Gatot Kaca statue by using the lighting technique that could attract tourists during night time.

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