Parole for Corby Discrete to Indonesian Diplomatic Affair


Minister of Law and Human Rights, Amir Syamsuddin emphasized that the efforts of parole to Schapelle Leigh Corby, has nothing to do with diplomacy. “There’s nothing to do with diplomacy,” said Amir in Kuta, Bali, Tuesday.

According to him, as long as all eligible, Corby may propose for parole. Besides, he said that there is no rule against Corby to do it. Although her status is inmate, Corby has the right as stipulated by Regulation. Conversely, if the rights are not granted, of course there has been a violation of the rules of a person’s right. “I can not prevent the right of a person just because I am afraid of being criticized,” he said .

Therefore, he firmly dismissed all speculations and assumptions that have been developed saying that the efforts of granting parole is a reward. Especially if it is linked to the request of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. “There is nothing to do with Tony Abbott,” said Amir.

Corby is an inmate in the case of marijuana possession weighing 4.2 kilograms. Currently, Corby’s parole file was submitted to the Office of the Law and Human Rights Bali. If it is regarded as eligible enough, then the file will be forwarded to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to be checked again. Furthermore, if it is deemed appropriate, so a letter of parole decision will be issued for the woman who was a beauty college student.

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