Bali Crowns Miss World 2013


Megan Lynne Young was crowned as Miss World 2013. With this achievement, the contestant from the Philippines is very happy and can’t wait to run the social programs associated with being Miss World Beauty with a Purpose.  “I can’t wait to represent the world,” she said.

Young won the Miss World crown replacing Wenxia Yu due to her sparkling personality as well as her well stated answer to questions regarding her involvement with Miss World.

“Being Miss World is not only helping others but also giving understanding to others,” she said.

The answer impressed both the judges and the audiences worldwide who watched the final show of Miss World 2013. And as a result, 23-year-oldYoung was named Miss World 2013. Many factors play into why Young became interested in beauty pageants, including her care for others.

“My biggest motivation is care for helping others. Not just their needs but when they face any problems,” she said at the Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali.

The ability to help others means a great deal to Miss Young. “Although it’s small, at least it could make us closer than before.”

“At the same time we also educate them through providing information on how to deal with problems. And I am very happy to offer help for them,’ she concluded.

Young went on to state “This achievement means a lot. My relatives know that this is what I dream of for a long time,” she said.

In addition, before receiving the crown, Young was the winner of the Top Model category. She was also in the top five for Beach Fashion and the top four for Multimedia.

Furthermore, Megan who is an actress in the Philippines, stated that she hopes her achievement can be a motivation for other younger generations to follow their dreams.

“This is also a proof that the other young people can do it. They have to know what they want to. Before, that’s what I did too. Soon after this, my aim is not only to help people but also express what they dream of with Miss World Organization,’ the beautiful woman explained.

Young believes that this achievement will change her entire life.

Moreover, Megan stated that her participaton in Miss World 2013 is an incredible experience. Besides meeting with contestants from various countries, she also got to learn about cultures all over the world.

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