Forbes To Develop Business Towers Worldwide


Forbes Media LLC. has announced the development of Commercial Business Towers in strategically located areas around the world in order to better facilitate international business and trade.

Branded “Forbes Media Towers” these commercial centers will connect to the Forbes Magazine Publishing headquarters, where state of the art communication technology will link to other Forbes Media Towers, thus, providing real time communication between business leaders on a global scale.  In addition, these unique skyscrapers will incorporate the “Forbes touch” by offering, among other amenities: Forbes Five Star luxury accommodations, helicopter shuttle service as well as private jets for the business elite and world leaders, high security vaults for investor storage (including gold and art), and state of the art technology in all conference centers.

Miguel R. Forbes, President Worldwide Development, Forbes Media LLC., who is spearheading the development of the Forbes Media Towers, recently noted that these skyscrapers are a natural progression of the company’s media and global business interests and an excellent and globally beneficial way to expand on what Forbes does best, namely, “bringing international business leaders, entrepreneurs, and billionaires together to exchange ideas, do business, and then write about it for the rest of the world in Forbes Magazine.”

Miguel R. Forbes was recently in Bali to help host the 13th Annual Forbes Global CEO Conference.  Also in attendance at the conference were Steve Forbes, Chairman, Forbes Media and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine, and Christopher “Kip” Forbes, Vice Chairman Forbes Media and Forbes Family Trust.

In addition to developing the Forbes Media Towers on a global scale, Forbes Magazine is also continuing to expand internationally by offering publications in various languages worldwide.

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