Bali Apply Heritage Place Tax for Foreign Tourist


Bali local government imposes heritage place tax for foreign tourists (foreigners) who are working and or have property, business sectors related to tourism. Deputy Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta stated that the application has been started this year.

“They (foreign tourists) are obligated to pay heritage place tax on a regular basis to local governments,” said Ketut after the opening of APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Travel Facilitation in Kuta, Bali, Tuesday ( 1/10 ).

This policy has just put in the form of Governor Regulation (Pergub) and the memorandum of understanding. The amount of heritage place tax is US$ 10, in which five dollars is used for the insurance of tax payer (tourists), while the remaining is put into the regional treasury.

Ketut stated that a new type of tax has been socialized to tourists as well as businesses in the centers of tourism in Bali, South Bali in particular. Potential tax levy reach Rp 150 billions per year. Currently there are around 1,500 foreign tourists who work or open a cultural (heritage) tourism business in Bali.

Heritage place tax will be directed to further benefits, ie preserve the value of heritage and culture to the community. Bali Local Government in collaboration with a third party will do the collection.

Ketut pointed out the development of tourism in Bali is still focused in South Bali. Thus, the government will use the tax levy to develop the new tourism potential in North Bali.

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit held in Nusa Dua, Bali on 1-8 October 2013 on a mission to encourage the countries of the Asia-Pacific region remained resilient to face the world economic uncertainty. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu said that the tourism sector is one of the sources of economic growth. “Tourism is in the top five sectors that accounts for economic growth in this country. Its growth is eight percent of gross domestic product (GDP),” said Mari in the same occassion.

Therefore, in the discussion of APEC HLPD on Travel Facilitation, APEC member countries including Indonesia will formulate a joint agreement to strengthen the connectivity or connectedness of goods, services, and human (people to people) through tourism synergies. Four focus of the discussion is the visa facilitation, improved passenger information, trusted traveler program, and the travelers-friendly airport program.

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