Jero Wacik Suggests Balinese People to Use BBG


Minister of Energy and Human Resources (ESDM), Jero Wacik emphasized that it’s time for Indonesia to switch to gas fuel (BBG), especially for motorcycles and private cars.

“Moreover, liquefied gas fuel for vehicle (LVG) has advantages such as it is environmentally friendly, having complete combustion, has more than 98 octane number, extend engine life, extend the replacement cycle lubricants, smoother engine sounds and a few other advantages,” he said while inaugurating the use of LVG at Jalan Hayam Wuruk gas station for three SPBUG in Bali.

Jero explained that the reason invites vehicle owners to switch is because the Indonesian economy is growing well.

It was based on motor vehicle sales data, which until September 2013 was 1.2 million units of cars sold, while for the motor reached 7 million units.

“All new motors and cars after leaving the dealer immediately stopped by the gas station. They asked for full tank fuel. Government cannot prohibit. Yet another old vehicle, it is wasteful of fuel,” he told

This condition makes the government would not want to meet the fuel needs. Of course this condition is very wasteful and a burden to the state budget is also very large.

“In fact, the fuel power is just enough for 21 days in a month. If anything happens to exporting countries, the political situation does not improve, then Indonesia will bankrupt, all going to die,” he explained.

So the use of BBG for vehicles is believed can reduce the number of imported fuel, which is much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Jero Wacik took example if a car uses 10 liters of fuel per day, then when he switched to gas it will save Rp49 thousand per day.

If there are 1 million cars in Indonesia that are already using BBG, so it’s the same as saving up to Rp49 billion.

The main target for BBG is all service vehicles throughout Indonesia. Currently Trans Jakarta already using BBG

Next year another 1,000 units of Trans Jakarta will come and all are committed to use BBG. Not to mention taxi and Bajaj.

Ministry of Energy and Human Resources also have freed up the entire military police vehicles to be installed with BBG.

“We hope that all local governments in Indonesia could proactively use BBG for all other official vehicles,” he said.

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