Gili Trawangan Becomes the Third Cheapest Island in Southeast Asia


Besides being known for having a beautiful nature, Gili Trawangan is also visited by backpackers because of the cheap cost of living. Gili Trawangan is currently ranked third for the cheapest island in Southeast Asia. Excellent!

This ranking is given by the Trip Advisor travel sites. This site has just released Trip Index Island Sun 2013. It is a recent survey comparing the cost of one night tour for two people in 20 islands of major tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

Trip Advisor Trip Index Island Sun is based on the amount of the total cost for two people staying in a four star hotel, with a two course meal and coconut drinks, beers, massages, bicycle and diving gear rental. Fees collected accurate for the time period of 16 September to 3 October 2013.

“Welcoming the year-end holiday season, Trip Index Island Sun helps travelers know best what they get with the money they have,” said Trip Advisor spokesman, Jean Ow -Yeong.

The result is that Gili Trawangan, Lombok is in the third position. According to the survey, two tourists can spend Rp 2,932,920 in one night.

Meanwhile, there are still two other islands in Indonesian that fall into 20 major destinations in South East Asia, namely Batam and Bali.

In one night, two tourists can spend Rp 3,393,004. Furthermore, Bali is at seventh rank. In one night, two tourists spend Rp 3,468,913.

Then in the first rank is Koh Phangan in Thailand with a total cost of Rp 2,647,186. The second rank is occupied by the island of Thailand, namely Koh Tao with a total cost of Rp 2,808,198.

While the most expensive island is occupied by Sentosa Island in Singapore at a cost of Rp9,706,016 according to TripIndex. This cost is three times the cost in Koh Phangan. Another expensive island is Langkawi Malaysia with a total cost of Rp 6,314,679.

“This list shows that Koh Phangan in Thailand is themost affordable tourist destination island, while the Sentosa Island in Singapore is the most expensive one. The biggest trigger of these costs is the price of the hotel accommodation followed by a massage for two people,” said Ow – Yeong.

The following are 10 islands of major tourist destination in Southeast Asia and the total cost according to Trip Index.

1. Koh Pangan (Rp 2.647.186)
2. Koh Tao (Rp 2.808.198)
3. Gili Trawangan (Rp 2.932.920)
4. Ko Chang (Rp 3.158.949)
5. Cebu (Rp 3.284.004)
6. Batam (Rp 3.393.680)
7. Bali (Rp 3.468.913)
8. Ko Lanta (Rp 3.601.682)
9. Koh Samui (Rp 3.646.395)
10. Boracay (Rp 3.995.288)

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