Government of Bali Worry about PSK Exodus from East Java


The government of Bali Province worried about the possibility of commercial sex workers (PSK) exodus from East Java after several prostitution spots in the region were closed.

“The commercial sex workers (PSK) could migrate to Bali or Central Java. This is what we worry about,” said the Head of Social Department Bali Province Nyoman Wenten in Denpasar, on Friday.

According to him, the government of East Java Province has a program to discipline and close prostitutions gently starting from last year. From 40 prostitutions that exist, since the closing program is effective, now only 30 remain open.

The migration of PSK from East Java to Bali should be watched, as the threat of HIV/ AIDS transmission is getting higher.

“Bali becomes one of the targets of PSK since it is a tourist destination area and they have wealthy life in Bali. The economy system is in effect, where there is a demand, there must be an offer,” he said.

He admitted that the difficulty in detecting and preventing sex workers coming to Bali is due to difficulties in collecting the data and asking people coming to Bali one by one.

What we can do is that, Wenten further said, only giving socialization, rising awareness and skills training for the sex workers who are already in Bali so that they don’t work as sex workers again.

“The Department of Social Affairs only have the duty to socialize, to discipline or raid into cafes and night clubs where the sex workers work, it’s the area of Public Order Officers (Satpol PP) or police. We also are not able to prohibit those sex workers to come to Bali,” said Wenten.

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