Australian Prisoner Moved to Negara Jail



Australian prisoner Renae Lawrence, convicted of smuggling drugs, has been moved from the Kerobokan prison in Denpasar to a jail in the Negara Regency.

“We received her here on Saturday. I do not know why she has been moved here,” security head of the Negara penitentiary, Agus Setiawan, said on Monday.

He said Renae, who has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, has been put in a special cell separated from other female prisoners during an orientation period.

“According to the orientation rules, she will be in the cell for seven days before being moved to an open cell with other prisoners,” he said.

Renae has been visited by three people; two Indonesians and a foreigner bring food and a pillow, said officials.

Rahma Dewi, one of the visitors, said she had waited for a long time to meet Renae.

“Her condition is still weak after undergoing an appendix operation. Even to walk to her cell she has to be helped by other prisoner,” she said.

According to Rahma, Renae was moved to Negara penitentiary because she had been slandered.

Agus said the food given to Renae is different from food given to local prisoners, in line with regulations.

He admitted that the prison had been operating at over-capacity, as it is supposed to accommodate only 90 prisoners, but now houses 128.

Renae Lawrence was part of a narcotics smuggling gang, known as the “Bali Nine” that had smuggled 8.2 kilograms of heroin onto the island.

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