Bali is Favorite Destination for Russian Tourists


Russian tourists are more interested in Bali, since the country is in the list of the top five European countries visiting the Island of Gods.

“Although Russia is a newcomer in the world of tourism in Indonesia, but in five years it is in the list of the five largest countries in Europe who visited Bali,” said Deputy Director of the Directorate of Central and Eastern Europe Foreign Ministry Berlian Napitupulu in Jakarta on Friday.

According to Berlian, the number of Russian tourists traveled to Bali in 2012, is about 99,448 people. The growing number of Russian tourists was also marked by the use of the Russian language in some tourist banners or dish menu in Bali.

Tourists who come from the country mostly use a chartered plane and stay in Bali for about 12 days. “Tourists from Russia are averagely rich people staying in a luxury hotel and using a chartered aircraft,” said Berlian.

Moreover, the interest is also indicated by the presence of several business and professional massage spas from Russia that offer masseur service in Bali. “Russian like the friendliness of the Indonesian people,” said Berlian.

Nevertheless, Berlian said that the number is lower compared to the Russian who traveled to another country. “Russian tourists to Egypt are about 2 million people, while to Turkey is about 2.5 million people with an average number of Russian tourists who go abroad each year by 30 million people,” said Berlian.

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