Balinese Clay Handicraft to Enter Export Market


Balinese handicrafts made of clay are able to enter the export market because it could offer design that lure consumers from abroad.

“Almost every month we send various handicraft products made of clay to export markets, especially Europe, Japan and the U.S.A,” said Made Kusuma, trader and exporter of various Balinese handicraft products in tourist area of Kuta, Badung regency, on Tuesday.

“Due to communication and the development of the world of tourism, many foreigners who want to own and buy various handicrafts made of clay with artistic and unique design,” he said.

Various handicraft products are usually made in the shape of barrel or jars which is used as a place to store rice by local people, but now is developing as a place of lamps decoration placed in the park.

Clay plates are also widely traded from Bali with a variety of unique designs present to accompany the dining activity at homes or for display in the living room or placed in strategic places by the homeowner.

Made Kusuma said that artisans are able to produce goods with export quality, which match to the foreign consumers’ taste, because they get the training from the experts in the field in terms of design and combustion.

“The beautiful plates to serve as a display that has been painted and also with a natural color would suit the preferences of consumers,” he said while adding that many Japanese businessmen order plates from Pejaten, Tabanan regency.

The crafts made of clay are produced by Balinese people, especially in the center of the craft villages in Pejaten, Tabanan, Kapal, Badung, Buleleng, and Gianyar are expected to continue to grow with the development of overseas markets, which is increasingly passionate.

The clay handicrafts traded to overseas also contribute to the foreign exchange earnings from Bali handicraft sector which record a total of 1.2 million U.S. dollars during January-July 2013, the results of shipments are as many as 674,024 copies.

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