Hundreds Families Experience Clean Water Crisis


Hundreds of families in Yehembang Village, Jembrana Regency experience clean water crisis, which then forced them to use water from irrigation canals for their daily needs.

“The water crisis has been going on since three months ago. We actually subscribe water from PDAM (Regional Enterprise of Clean Water), but it runs very rarely,” said Agung Bagus Dwijana, one of the residents on Sunday.

According to him, to take water in irrigation canals, residents in the two hamlets, Kaleran and Wali Hamlet, have to walk up to five kilometers, passing the rugged path.

Since the residents use water from irrigation, for drinking and cooking purposes, people usually take it in the morning, when the irrigation system has not been used for bathing and washing.

Nyoman Arsana, other resident said that the water crisis is making people in a very difficult situation, because they have to go back and forth to carry water from the irrigation canal.

“Every day I can go back and forth up to ten times carrying water. If I buy mineral water for drinking and cooking purposes, it is too expensive,” he said.

Yehembang village chief or Perbekel, I Made Semadi as confirmed saying that clean water crisis is the impact of the recent drought.

According to him, to meet the water needs of residents in Kaleran and Wali hamlet, he had submitted a proposal to the Jembrana regency and PDAM to build a water reservoir near the village.

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