In 2014, Bali to Build International Stadium in Jimbaran


Bali province government plans to build an international stadium in Jimbaran, Bali, to support the improvement of national football.

“The construction of the stadium in the Jimbaran area is positive in 2014 and it is a Governor of Bali commitment to meet the PON (National Sports Competition) in 2020,” said Vice Governor of Bali I Ketut Sudikerta in Denpasar on Monday.

According to Ketut Sudikerta, the construction of the sports facilities is in accordance to the results of feasibility study so that the detail engineering design (DED) is in line with expectations.

Bali province will design DED that will be conducted at Ngurah Rai and Bukit Jimbaran stadium. “If DED already exists, then budget allocation can be made,” he said.

To realize the construction of an international stadium, it needs the support of all parties, both from local government and Balinese community so that in the future national football team will be better and gain achievements.

He explained that the main requirement to become an international stadium is that it should be close to airports and other public facilities.

“It is essential to be met so that the stadium can be used for the world championship,” he said.

Meanwhile, in relation to the stadium construction budget draft, the funding need to be spent by the government cannot be calculated because it is not the government authority.

“Who knows the budget in more detail technically is the Bali Provincial Public Works Department,” he said.

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