Two Balinese Young Painters Collaborate in Exhibition


Two Balinese young painters Ade Kurniawan “Ping – Ping” and Atmi Kristiana Dewi holding collaborative work featuring 25 canvas works in an exhibition titled “ Diary Project # 1 Interaction”.

“The exhibition took place in their hometown in Sukawati village, Gianyar Regency opened by Nyoman Popo Priyatna Danes on Sunday,” said the exhibition curator Wayan Seriyoga Parta in Denpasar.

He said that the exhibition lasts for two weeks, until November 10th, presenting the collaborative works of two young artists.

This collaborative exhibition is originated from the proximity of the two young artists Ping-Ping Kurniawan and Atmi Kristiana Dewi in personal and art creativity so that they came up with a simple notion of “Diary Project”.

The project started from the intention to create a visual trace recording their daily interactions both in the form of visual notes on a variety of media ranging from paper, canvas, and whatever media is attached to their routines.

Seriyoga explained that the proximity of the two is not only a personal relationship between two people, but also relating in visually (visual arts piece) that have similar expressing style, namely the figurative style, processing forms into a naïve and caricature style.

Seriyoga added that in the initial presentation, they agreed to raise the matter of interaction that explores the interactions they felt when the program started.

Their daily interactions recorded in a project are poured into exploration of forms and media. The representation at the exhibition is featuring footage of events, even their personal psychological state (feelings, emotions) that they both had experienced.

The feeling such as confused, awkward, hesitant, curious at first because they are thinking about the format of the program, and then flows along with the time passing by. Everything is expressed to the works presented.

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