U.S Opens University Information Center in Bali


In an effort to increase the number of Indonesian students to continue their study to universities in the United States, the U.S. government opened a University Information Center in Bali.

Located at Stikes Bina Usada Badung, this information center provides information and a free consultation for students and parents, especially regarding the selection of college, cost of education, obtaining a visa to the cost of living in USA.

Information and Culture Counselor Embassy of the United States of America in Indonesia, Mary Ellen Countryman said on Friday that by the opening of the information center, it is expected to get more Indonesian students, especially Bali to study in the U.S.

“Every year approximately 2,000 new students go to the U.S, and now there are nearly 8,000 people studying in the United States of America. Some to learn English, and a few more for Bachelor and Master Degree, “she said.

Countryman said that similar offices have been opened in several areas such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Medan. Bali was chosen because this place is a tourist destination visited by tourists from various countries and Bali has a strategic role in introducing Indonesia to the world.

One of the founders of Stikes Bina Usada, Ketut Putra Suartana hoped that with the American University Information Center in Bali, the more Balinese youths get the opportunity to study to the USA.

“And it will also be useful to assist local governments in order to facilitate education in improving the quality of human resources in Bali. By studying abroad in addition to study English, the quality of educational institutions would also be more advanced,” he said.

While one of the Balinese Community figures Gusti Kade Sutawa hoped that the opening of American University Information Center becomes one of the triggers for the Balinese youths to improve education, besides it will bring benefit for Bali in terms of promotion.

“We could be promoted not only as a tourism destination but also educational destinations, although this is actually not only represent Bali but the Eastern area, but we are proud to have been chosen here instead of the other islands,” he said.

Information center of University in the United States network has spread out in 170 countries. Particularly in Indonesia, students and parents in Indonesia are not only able to obtain the information and consultation of university in the United States of America through the University Information Center but also through the American Cultural Center at 12 locations spread across Indonesia, up to Ambon and Papua.

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