Bali Governor Suspends Eleven Tourism Strategic Areas in Bali


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said the program of 11 national tourism strategic areas (KSPN ) in Bali cannot be implemented yet.

It was triggered by the pros and cons in the area of Besakih – Mount Agung and surrounding as one of the 11 KSPN in Bali.

“Not only Besakih area, but the eleven districts in Bali that include into KSPN program cannot be implemented or to be put on hold,” said Governor Mangku Pastika at the Bali Tourism Development Workshop on Building the Future at Kertha Sabha Bali Governor Functional House on Tuesday.

The reason of why Pastika has not been able to implement it because almost all the areas included in the 11 KSPN have temples, so it is very vulnerable to raise the pros and cons among the community.

In fact, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika explicitly support if the temple is a sacred place for Hindus only reserved for worship. “So, Besakih temple is no longer as a tourist destination, as well Batur, at least in Sad Kayangan temple,” said Pastika.

Temple as a sacred area should be well maintained. People must maintain it, even if needed it should be discussed in terms of tourism radius to determine the temples in Bali that should not be visited by tourists.

So, in conclusion, said Pastika, the temple as a place of worship cannot be said to be a tourist attraction. In a word, the temple had to be closed for tourism activities, if the Balinese people dare to do.

This step is considered better than the society continues to worry and questioning KSPN.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invited Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika and relevant stakeholders to seek solutions with pros and cons about the response to KSPN determination.

“We think it is good that the governor plan to form a team. Let’s talk and seek mutual agreement that is approved and used for the maximum welfare of the people,” said the Head of the Human Resource Development Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Prof. I Gde Pitana, in Denpasar on Tuesday.

He said that he did not agree with the proposal of the Governor of Bali who requested postponement of Government Regulation No. 50 of 2011 on National Tourism Development Master Plan, in which the 11 places in Bali set to have KSPN status.

In addition, he also does not support Pastika’s proposal to remove many temples in Bali from the tourist attraction list. “Closing all the attraction is not an attitude that I support,” he said.

The Balinese tourism official suggested a number of reasons that the tourism has an important role in job employment, increase incomes, reduce poverty and so on.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Hindu Association (PHDI) Bali Province Dr I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana said that the governor’s proposal to ban all temples to be used as tourist attraction need to be reconsidered.

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