Bali on the Top Five of World’s Favorite for Honeymoon

Bali is again named on another prestigious title after listed as one of the top five world’s favorite for honeymoon destinations.
The following list is recommended honeymoon destinations released by Lonely Planet for honeymooners. Those destinations represent some regions in the world. While for Indonesia, Bali is still the most romantic place for couples.

Bali, Indonesia
Sunset accompanied by night with moonlight reflected on the sea. Bali might be the most attractive island on Earth. Balinese culture is still strongly embraced by most people. For example, to start the day by giving flower offerings for Hindus’ Gods.
In Bali, each guest coming to Bali is welcomed with friendly smile. On the other hand as a place for pampering the body, Bali offers the best spa using flowers and spices.

Queenstown, New Zealand
Queenstown is the origin of bungee jumping and the center of parasailing, hiking and ski. In 2014, there will be many new cycling routes.

California, The United States of America
Luxurious cliff and tropical beach offer romantic weather. Facilitated with national park that has looming jungle trees, not to mention an abundance of hiking trails in every corner of the U.S.A. state.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, The United States of America
Feel an escape from the crowded city by living in the remote area located in the Southwest of Colorado. Many homestays are purposefully established with romantic atmosphere. The best time to visit Dunton is in winter. At that time half of the area are covered with snow, but a hot spring with boiling steam is there.

Colchagua Valley, Chile
This region is the main wine producer in Chile. To reach it, it is about two hours to the South of Santiago. It is a very beautiful area with hills covered by vineyard. To walk around, we can walk, cycling or riding a horse. Don’t forget to have tour exploring the ex-colonial cities and museum.

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